CanBreastFeed is an initiative of the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service which is a health promotion contract managed by Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust.

The service has been developed with the primary aim of supporting breastfeeding women, by working to remove the barriers to breastfeeding.

Te Puawaitanga Ki Ōtautahi Trust is a kaupapa Māori provider of a range of health, education and social services. The current health promoter working with the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service is Kelly Dorgan

Credits: photos, stories, etc 

Thanks to some very special breastfeeding peer counsellors – Hiramoana, Alisha, Mary, Olivia, Zara, Azalia, Jenny, Emma, Aleisha, Lena, Erin, Alex, Stella, Maggie, the Richmond Breastfeeding Group and the Hornby Ūkaipō group, for sharing photos and being our models. Thanks also to Jess for being a model.

Thanks to photographers Liane Helena, Kelly Dorgan and Carol Bartle.

Thanks to all the women who have shared their stories with us.

Thanks to Lana for doing the fieldwork for the breastfeeding friendly cafes, and for drinking lots of coffee in the line of duty.

Thanks to the Canterbury Infant and Young Child Feeding Network for all their ongoing work supporting breastfeeding women in Canterbury.