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Welcome to the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service

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CanBreastFeed is an initiative of the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service which is a health promotion contract managed by Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust. The service has been developed with the primary aim of supporting breastfeeding women, by working to remove the barriers to breastfeeding. Te Puawaitanga Ki Ōtautahi Trust is a kaupapa Māori provider of a range of health, education and social services.

Breastfeeding advocacy is about helping to remove the barriers to breastfeeding that women may experience. This can involve support groups where women can find information and spend time with other mothers; mother-to-mother breastfeeding peer support networks; Breastfeeding friendly early childhood education centres; Breastfeeding and family-friendly workplaces; Breastfeeding friendly cafes, libraries, swimming pools, shopping malls — anywhere that mothers, babies and children spend time and have a right to be.


Out and about

The Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service works to create supportive environments so women feel more comfortable when breastfeeding outside their homes. This section contains information about local breastfeeding and baby friendly cafes in Canterbury. Breastfeeding support groups are also good places to drop in to, if you are close by as well (Check the support services section). We need to keep this section updated and we’re interested in hearing from you about your experiences. Please get in touch with Kelly if you find another breastfeeding/baby friendly place in Canterbury