National Breastfeeding Strategy for New Zealand Aotearoa | Rautaki Whakamana Whāngote

Published by the Ministry of Health, December 2020


pae ora approach emphasises the interconnection between parents and caregivers, their whānau, and the environments, determinants and support structures that influence infant feeding. The following outcomes recognise the need for a holistic, whole-of-system approach to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding in Aotearoa.


Outcome 1 Putanga 1

Breastfeeding parents and their whānau have equitable access to a range of culturally appropriate breast and infant feeding supports


Outcome 2Putanga 2

Breastfeeding parents and their whānau are supported by increased community education, societal awareness and resource


Outcome 3Putanga 3

The maternal and child health workforce has the training, capacity and support to actively protect, promote and support breastfeeding


Outcome 4 Putanga 4

All maternity facilities achieve and maintain Baby Friendly Aotearoa (BFHI) accreditation


Outcome 5 Putanga 5

System settings support the safe provision of donor breast milk for infants in need


Outcome 6 Putanga 6

A robust evidence base informs infant feeding policy decisions and commissioning activities


Outcome 7 Putanga 7

Workplaces, education and childcare settings support parents and caregivers to reach their breastfeeding goals


Outcome 8 Putanga 8

System settings support and protect optimal infant and young child feeding in cases of temporary or sustained parent-child separation


Outcome 9 Putanga 9

System settings support and protect optimal infant and young child feeding during emergencies


For each outcome, actions and supporting evidence are presented. Additional contextual information is included under the headings ‘Where are we now?’ ‘Guiding tools and documents’ and ‘Next steps and considerations’.