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Mama2Mama and Mother4Mother Peer Supporters are mothers who have breastfed a baby or babies themselves, and they have graduated from a training programme all about breastfeeding. They are volunteers who know how useful support and good information is for breastfeeding women, and they are passionate about supporting mothers on their breastfeeding journeys. They also support the breastfeeding groups listed under the support section, so you can call in and see them at the groups listed on this page, arrange to meet a peer supporter there or send an email, phone or text message if you have a question or need support.

You can also ask a question on this webpage and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Azalia and her baby in a backpack

Hi, my name is Azalia, I am a young mum under 24 and I have two children, aged 7 months and 3 years. Breastfeeding was really difficult with my first son but I had minimal difficulties with my second. If it wasn’t for peer counsellors and breastfeeding groups I would have given up breastfeeding, and this is what has encouraged me to become a peer counsellor myself, to help other mums in that same situation.

Contact Azalia at 0278171865 or

Maggie Breastfeeding her Baby

I am Maggie, a 26yr old mother to four amazing children; Lucas – 9yrs, twins Evie & Ella – 3yrs and Lula – 1yr.

I had my son when I was 16yrs old and so have experience around being a young/single parent as well as being a mum to multiples, navigating breastfeeding twins, and a brief stint with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I have been a stay at home mum, a working mum and a pumping mum and I feel like across the board I have a lot of personal experience with an array of breastfeeding challenges and achievements.

I trained through Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust as a māmā to māmā breastfeeding peer counsellor in 2019, whilst on maternity leave. I felt compelled to register after battling with my own insecurities about returning to work and navigating pumping and bottle feeding for the first time. I wanted to be able to support other women as well as gain confidence and knowledge myself. It was an incredible experience and I learnt so much more than I expected, I highly recommend it to anyone who may be interested!

Being able to offer holistic-based support and advocacy around breastfeeding is a privilege and I am always available to anyone who may be in need of a listening ear. If you would like to chat, please get in touch through the support page.

Julia tandem-feeding her children

Julia is mother of two young boys, childbirth educator and pre & postnatal movement specialist. She completed her peer support counselor training when her second son was a newborn and found the information and support incredibly helpful. Julia loves supporting mothers on their breastfeeding journey as she knows just how hard it can be. She struggled with pain for months with her firstborn. To the point that she almost gave up! The right support helped her get a good latch which made all the difference and enabled her to continue feeding. She has gone on to tandem feed both boys to this day.

she is happy to offer support for any breastfeeding concerns, having had the most experience helping friends get a good good latch and increase supply. She also has experience with extended and tandem feeding.  She is happy to be contacted via our support page: 


My breastfeeding journey has been one with some lows but so so many highs. I decided to study up and be able to support women as they make their journey, as I wanted every woman to have the best opportunity to experience the magic. I’m a younger mum who is currently studying and navigating my way through juggling study, work and bubs! I am currently breastfeeding my daughter and plan to do baby lead weaning and have a natural approach to all things parenting. I’d love to hear from you whether you need support around breastfeeding or would like to share in your experiences.

My email is:

Alex breastfeeding her baby

My name is Alex, mum of Sunniva 19 months, paediatric and maternal  chiropractor, Breastfeeding and Matrescence supporter.

While having the certainty of wanting to successfully breastfeed and the knowledge of why to breastfeed, I was not equipped with the how to breastfeed when we welcomed Sunni into the world. It was a challenging and painful experience that had me in tears many times. As the vulnerability and pain of the early stages of motherhood eased, the why of breastfeeding continued to strengthen. So much so that we are still going strong breastfeeding 19 months in.

As a part of being being a supporter of mums and bubs professionally I also extend this support whereever I can, whenever I can, in all parts of my life. I hope and love to allow all mothers on their path in motherhood to discover their own strength in feeding and caring for their baby, supporting you however way I can.

I can be contacted via email: or on Facebook:

Daisy holding her baby

Kia ora koutou I am Daisy, a 26 year old mother of one 15 month old boy named Nīkau whom is the absolute light of my life. Although he is a good eater he still is very much a boobie boy and still breastfeeds as well as some cow’s milk every now and then.

When he was born we had to spend a week in NICU as he was slightly premature and had mild pneumonia therefore was given antibiotics. We also had some difficulties at the beginning of our breastfeeding journey including weightloss (which was scary!) I am very passionate about breastfeeding and would love to help and offer support to any women in my community via the support page:

Lena with her baby

Hi, I am Lena. I am a mom with a lovely daughter. My breastfeeding journey is amazing and I really enjoy it. I struggled a little at first, but later everything went smoothly. However, as a first time mom, I went through lots of challenges and I doubted myself thousands of times. With the help of many people and organisations, everything became better. I chose to become a peer counsellor because I can understand mom’s worries and frustrations. It is not easy to become a mother and I hope I can offer support and encouragement to them. I can offer Mandarin support and my contact email is and WeChat ID is nz5816

您好,我是小雯(Lena),我有一个可爱的女儿。我很享受母乳喂养的过程。一开始母乳喂养时,我也经历了一些小波折,不过之后的一切都变得顺利起来。然而,作为一个新手妈妈,我经历了很多挫折和困难,并且质疑了自己无数次。但是,在很多人和机构的帮助下,育儿这件事开始慢慢变好了起来。当妈妈并不是件轻松的事,我非常理解作为一个妈妈的各种担心和困惑,我希望可以给更多的妈妈提供鼓励和支持,这也是我选择成为一名母乳支持义工的原因。 我可以提供中文普通话服务,您可以通过我的电子邮件 或WeChat nz5816 联络我,谢谢

Erin breastfeeding her baby in the park

Kia ora, my name is Erin. I have two beautiful children, Paul, 3, and Katie, 10 months. I have had very different feeding journeys with my children which led me to train as a Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor while on maternity leave with Katie in 2019.

Breastfeeding is a journey that both Mum and baby need to learn at the same time. This means it can be mentally and physically draining so any support given needs to not put extra stress on the whanau. I want to provide support to feeding Mum’s in any way needed that works with this. Believing in a holistic approach that is Mum driven I prefer to provide support walking along side you in your journey.

I have experience with breastfeeding with a baby with no suckle reflex/reflux/colic as well blocked ducts. My journey currently includes pumping and returning to work while continuing to exclusively feed so can provide support around this and all that it entails.

Hi my name is Amanda and I live in Kaiapoi with my husband and our 4 wonderful boys aged 8, 6, 2 and 1. I have had 4 very different feeding journeys with many ups and downs. I have navigated returning to work, mastitis, pumping and donating, many, many feeding strikes and the stresses that come with cluster feeding while having older children. I chose to become a peer counsellor so I can share knowledge and support with woman in my community and am proud to have supported many close friends through their journeys. I can be contacted anytime on

Kia ora koutou

I’m a proud Māma to my 16 month old daughter, Dahlia.  Often seen breastfeeding on demand, I.e in Pilates class, in a supermarket aisle, in the carpark, at the playground…to sleep, during the night, practically 24/7 😅 (as I’m sure most of you can relate to!).

After a hard pregnancy dealing with hyperemesis and then pre-eclampsia, followed by a traumatic emergency c-section, I found breastfeeding extremely challenging.  I believe all of the above contributed to my many challenges.  However, for me, it was my absolute goal to breastfeed my baby and I persevered and today, we are still going strong on our feeding journey.  I’m forever thankful to my support network which enabled me to succeed in that journey, and now I want to pay that support forward.

I’ve been lucky enough to support multiple friends and whānau members in their breastfeeding journeys, whether it be direct support through breastfeeding advice/tips or indirect – dropping cooked meals and holding baby while they eat/shower/rest etc.

I’d love to offer you guidance and support in relation to your breastfeeding journey, and if I can’t answer your queries or they are out of my scope of knowledge and expertise, I am happy to refer you to someone else that will be able to help.

Please feel free to contact me directly at or 0274993335 or through the breastfeeding support Facebook page.

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Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou tēnā koutou katoa

I’m a mama of three. I am currently completing my 2nd year of bachelor of midwifery through Ara, I completed the breastfeeding peer support course through Te Puawaitanga in 2020. I have a strong passion for supporting wāhine and their whānau through their first 1000 days journey, helping setting tamariki up for their future.  While I am of Pākehā decent, I have a strong interest in supporting Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa and incorporating Māori practices honouring te tiriti throughout my practice.  I know from experience how hard the breastfeeding journey can be and look forward to supporting you through your journey to achieve the outcomes that are best for you and your whānau. 

I am contactable via

or 0226806321 please text first