Cochrane Systematic Review: Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in infants born at ter

Jasani et al., 2017 Review question: Does feeding full-term babies with formula milk enriched with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) result in improved vision and overall neurodevelopment compared with feeding formula milk not enriched with LCPUFA?   Key results: Review authors found that full-term babies fed formula milk supplemented with LCPUFA did not have better outcomes…


Ensuring correct messaging about breastfeeding in emergencies

A very good article from Baby Milk Action. Full article here What to avoid: Messages that suggest that women can’t breastfeed because of stress or malnourishment are not helpful and feed commonly held misconceptions.  Mothers need support, protection, encouragement and reassurance – this is far more likely to help them maintain breastfeeding or relactate. Calls for donations…


What we don’t know about mother’s milk – Katie Hinde

“Breast milk grows babies’ bodies, fuels neurodevelopment, provides essential immunofactors and safeguards against famine and disease — why, then, does science know more about tomatoes than mother’s milk? Katie Hinde shares insights into this complex, life-giving substance and discusses the major gaps scientific research still needs to fill so we can better understand it.” Listen…


What April The Giraffe Taught Us

 “I was actually totally astonished by this one. People were suggesting that the giraffe should be made to lie down. They really were. Meanwhile April ignored them all, and just paced about her birth space, flicking her tail nonchalantly, and giving her baby the occasional lick and sniff as it gradually emerged. It isn’t normal…


Setting the Record Straight: Breastfeeding Saves Lives, Doesn’t Cost Lives; Beyond the Recent Headlines

Kimberley Seals Allers “Most importantly, we must not allow the media or any organization’s desire to sensationalize a rare occurrence turn into a dangerous, broad-based message that exclusive breastfeeding kills. That is categorically untrue and extremely irresponsible. In fact, decades of global research proves that exclusive breastfeeding consistently saves lives. The World Health Organization reports…


Why women stop breastfeeding. New survey from the UK

A survey of 500 mothers commissioned by Public Health England found that fears about breastfeeding among women included that it could be painful (74%), prevent them taking medication (71%) and be embarrassing in front of strangers (63%).


If you would like to read the full article, this can be found here.