What April The Giraffe Taught Us

 “I was actually totally astonished by this one. People were suggesting that the giraffe should be made to lie down. They really were. Meanwhile April ignored them all, and just paced about her birth space, flicking her tail nonchalantly, and giving her baby the occasional lick and sniff as it gradually emerged. It isn’t normal…


Setting the Record Straight: Breastfeeding Saves Lives, Doesn’t Cost Lives; Beyond the Recent Headlines

Kimberley Seals Allers “Most importantly, we must not allow the media or any organization’s desire to sensationalize a rare occurrence turn into a dangerous, broad-based message that exclusive breastfeeding kills. That is categorically untrue and extremely irresponsible. In fact, decades of global research proves that exclusive breastfeeding consistently saves lives. The World Health Organization reports…


Why women stop breastfeeding. New survey from the UK

A survey of 500 mothers commissioned by Public Health England found that fears about breastfeeding among women included that it could be painful (74%), prevent them taking medication (71%) and be embarrassing in front of strangers (63%).


If you would like to read the full article, this can be found here.


The truth about breastfeeding help – Emily Writes

“Breastfeeding Nazis. Nipple Nazis. Breastapo. Breastfeeding police. Psychos. Smug earth mother bitches. Sanctimummys. Bullies. Anti-formula fanatics. Did you hear the one about that mother whose baby died because she’d been BRAINWASHED by lactation consultants? They’re mum-bashing do-gooders. They hate formula. They hate women. They should get rid of Le Leche League. They’re a bunch of…


Exclusive breastfeeding, without additional foods or fluids, should be recommended for the first 6 months after birth

Early additional food and fluids for healthy breastfed full-term infants “This Cochrane review exploring the impact of introducing foods and fluids in addition to breastmilk before the recommended age of 6 months supported the current recommendation of the World Health Organization that, as a general policy, exclusive breastfeeding, without additional foods or fluids, should be…


Who Supports Breastfeeding Mothers? An Investigation of Kin Investment in the United States

Who Supports Breastfeeding Mothers? An Investigation of Kin Investment in the United States – Jayme Cisco https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12110-017-9286-y “Breastfeeding is one important form of maternal investment that is influenced by support from kin and non-kin. This paper investigates who provides support for breastfeeding mothers and their children, what type of support they provide, and how support impacts…